Personal Accident Insurance

Provides a 'no fault” benefit to IOS members arising from death, permanent total disablement injury and temporary total disablement from your usual occupation for injury sustained whilst taking part in IOS recognised Teaching and Coaching Activity.

The benefit is available to all paid up registered members of Institute of Swimming resident in the UK or Eire and between the ages of 16 and 85 years.

The cover applies:

  • On a worldwide basis as long as the teaching and coaching activity outside the UK and Eire is only a temporary visit.  (less than 6 months)
  • If an insured person suffers accidental bodily injury which, within two years, is the sole cause of death, disablement or incurring of medical expenses in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Policy


1 Death £5,000
2 Loss of two or more Limbs or both eyes or one of each £50,000




Loss of one limb or eye

Permanent and total loss of speech

Permanent and total loss of hearing

i)   in both ears

ii)  in one ear

A percentage will be applied for some injuries and details are included in your Summary of Insurance Cover provided by the IOS






4 Permanent Total Disablement from any gainful occupation for which the insured is fitted by way of training education or experience £50,000
5 Temporary total disablement from the Insured Person’s usual occupation payable for a maximum of 104 weeks, or the period of the insured person’s contract period with their employer at the time of the accident (whichever is the lesser). (Benefit 5 is not payable for the first 14 days of disablement in respect of any one accident or for any Insured Person not in regular gainful employment). £50 per week*

Benefit 4 shall be limited to £5,000 in respect of any Insured person aged under 21 years or not in gainful employment.

In respect of any Insured Person 70-85, cover is restricted to benefits 1, 2, and 3 only.  There is no cover for persons aged over 85

Aircraft accumulation limit £1,000,000 in multi-engined aircraft £250,000 in all other aircraft

Special Extensions: With effect from April 2019 as your membership is renewed the policy now includes Special Extensions which will be detailed on your Summary of Insurance Cover provided by the IOS.

Main Exceptions: Flying, other than as a passenger; Illness, Disease & HIV; Suicide; War Risks or the Insured Person undertaking sport against medical advice. 

Full details of policy exclusions are detailed in the master policy held by the Institute of Swimming.

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