Legal Advice and Legal Expenses Insurance - Applicable to UK resident members only

Access to Markel Law Hub online legal advice and sample documents to assist you as an IOS member.  You will be provided with your token code for access as you join/renew your membership.  You can then register and login via the legal information portal at

The following table sets out the significant features, benefits, limitations and exclusions of the Legal Expenses Insurance. The Insurance is split into “Sections of Cover”. 


Sections of Cover
Limit of Insurer's Liability
Excess for Insurer's choice of representative
Excess if you are able to choose your own representative
Employment Disputes Pursuit
Internal Disciplinary Hearings 
Personal      Injury  
Contract Disputes

 Territorial limits - United Kingdom


Insurance Cover

This is a claims made insurance which covers claims notified within the Period of Insurance. The Insurance indemnifies you for Legal Costs, Professional Costs and Awards of Compensation as shown in the Policy Benefit table below.

Policy Benefits/Sections of Cover

Policy Exclusions

Employment Disputes Pursuit
Costs of an Employment Tribunal claim your home pool* following your actual or alleged dismissal or any unlawful or discriminatory acts against you



Internal disciplinry Hearings
Costs for your representation at a disciplinary hearing held by a professional or regulatory body where a loss of registration/accreditation would stop you carrying out your business activity  


Personal Injury 
Costs for you to pursue a claim for damages for physical bodily injury to you caused by an actual or alleged act or omission of another party

Claims where the legal case is or may be against you

Contract Disputes 
Costs to pursue a dispute over a contract for services with your home pool*

 Disputes over:

  • Construction contracts
  • Undisputed debts unless the debt is at least 90 days overdue and you have requested full payment in writing at least 3 times in 3 consecutive calendar months since the first due date
  • Guarantees
  • Contracts you enter into through an agent or which you have taken over from someone else by assignment
  • Franchise contracts
  • Hire purchase, credit agreements insurance or financial securities
  • Contracts of employment
  • Any tenancy agreement, lease or licence to use land or buildings

Minimum sum in dispute £1,000

* Home Pool

The swimming pool, leisure centre, local authority or swimming organisation you are contractually bound to serve by providing swimming lessons or coaching



Members will have unlimited free access to the Legal Advice Line for specialist UK advice covering:

  • Commercial Law
  • Employment Law
  • Scottish and Irish Law
  • Health and Safety
  • Taxation
  • VAT Enquiries

Legal Advice Stress Counselling Claims Line

0345 543 8713


Verification of membership will be required.


In the Event of a Claim

Claims Handling and Claims Notification

Claims or any situation that could lead to a claim should be directed to Abbey:

Abbey Claims Line 0345 543 8713 as soon as possible

Providing your policy number and brief details of the circumstances or by writing to or emailing Abbey using the details below:

Abbey Legal Protection, 20 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 3AZ


Full details of policy exclusions are detailed in the master policy held by the Institute of Swimming.

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