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NEW for IOS members joining or renewing after the 1st April 2017.  Access to elXtr online legal advice and sample documents to assist you as an IOS member.  You will be provided with your token code for access as you join/renew your membership.  You can then register and login via the legal information portal at

The following table sets out the significant features, benefits, limitations and exclusions of the Legal Expenses Insurance. The Insurance is split into “Sections of Cover”. 

Indemnity Limits

Sections A, B and D -  £50,000 any one claim.
Section C - £10,000 Any One Claim
All Sections £500,000 in the aggregate

Territorial Limits

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle
of Man and the Republic of Ireland


All Sections – nil
Increased Excess (For use of own Appointed Representative)
All Sections - £1,000

Insurance Cover

This is a claims made insurance which covers claims notified within the Period of Insurance. The Insurance indemnifies you for Legal Costs, Professional Costs and Awards of Compensation as shown in the Policy Benefit table below.

Policy Benefits

Policy Exclusions

Policy Ref

Section A Employment Disputes Pursuit
Pursuit of compensation by the member at an Employment Tribunal following dismissal, redundancy or alleged unfair treatment or discrimination


Section A

Section B. Contract Disputes
Pursuit of claims arising from a dispute over the contractual agreement between the member and their home pool, local authority or leisure facility

Minimum sum in dispute £1,000

Legal expenses limited to 75% of the sum in dispute

Section B

Section C. Internal Disciplinary Hearings
Representation of you at Institute of Swimming disciplinary proceedings and where appropriate an appeal against any impositions resulting from the above.

Abuse related issues.
Other restrictions may apply.

Section C

Section G. Personal Injury
Pursuit of claims by the member for compensation following a personal injury


Section D


Members will have unlimited free access to the Legal Advice Line for specialist UK advice covering:

  • Commercial Law
  • Employment Law
  • Scottish and Irish Law
  • Health and Safety
  • Taxation
  • VAT Enquiries

IoS Legal Line

0345 543 8713

IoS Employment Advice Line

01509 640 746

Abbey Stress Couselling Line

0345 543 8713


In the Event of a Claim

Claims Handling and Claims Notification

All claims under Sections of Cover B and D will be handled by one of Abbey Legal Protection’s panel of solicitors or consultants.

Under all other Sections of Cover where recourse is necessary to a lawyer and proceedings are issued, the Insured are free to choose their own representative subject to any Increased Excess. A consultation with Abbey Legal is required before appointing your own representative.

Initial notification of a claim must be made immediately by writing to the Claims Department at:

Abbey Legal Protection,
Minories House,
2-5 Minories,
London EC3N 1BJ.

Abbey Claims Line 0345 350 1099

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